Nuno Dario

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Nuno Dario is an explorative, classically-trained composer. Nuno has won multiple awards for his avant-garde concert, film and advertising music.

Nuno has crafted scores for the likes of Richard de Almeida, Nuno Noivo, Leonel Vieira, Salomão, Augusto Fraga, Manu Coeman, Anthony Bui, Gui Braz or Nuno Baltazar's films.

Nuno composes for trailer music houses The Waffle Robot Army and Louder Productions.

Currently residing in Lisbon, Nuno has lived and worked in Los Angeles, studied film scoring at UCLA and earned his Ph.D. in composition from Royal Holloway College, London. His doctorate was fully funded by the FCT Scholarship awarded by the Portuguese state. Nuno graduated in composition from Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa.



Selected Clients

  • Warner Bros.
  • Sony Pictures
  • Havas
  • Bar-Ogylvy
  • Grumpy Panda

Score Publisher